He’s My Favorite (Five Minute Friday)

I decided to give the five minute Friday link up a try. Okay, timer is set for five minutes, and away we go. The prompt for this week is FAVORITE.


“Hoping I would find true love along the broken road, but I got lost a time or two” Rascal Flatts “Bless the Broken Road”

He wasn’t my first love, but he is the love of my life. When we were dating I often called him “my favorite”.  This comforted him with reassurance. He knew how much I had loved before, and with those simple words I promised again and again, “I choose you. You, sir are my favorite.” Today, I don’t tell him as often. He doesn’t need to hear it as much, because he knows it. We’ve had 12 years, four children, and have ridden the waves of the storms of life by pointing each other at Jesus. We are one now, he doesn’t need to hear it as often, but  every once and awhile I look at him in the midst of chaos bat my eyelashes and whisper, “You’re my favorite,” and in those words is an abundance of comfort, a shared sweetness, and the renewal of promise.

pd dance

“Every long lost dream led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like Northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you.”

-Rascal Flatts “Bless the Broken Road” (2004)


There are rules to this thing: “This is meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation.” I find this makes me feel both free and vulnerable. If you are a grammar Nazi, I am sorry.


4 thoughts on “He’s My Favorite (Five Minute Friday)

  1. Ciara, what a sweet story! And I love that song. I love that you call your hubby your favorite. I have certain names for my guy too. Names that mean so much to the two of us.

    And this line? “He wasn’t my first love, but he is my the love of my life.” Says so much. May you continue to walk through life together for many more years!

    I’m your FMF neighbor this week. 🙂 It’s so nice to “meet” you.

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  2. I love that song, too… and remember ‘God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you’ really made me fall apart! We don’t always understand the road we take, but we sure do know the effect it has had on us!


  3. Welcome to FMF, Chara – your words are such a delight! I don’t think you’ll find a single grammar Nazi here – just lots of love. 🙂 It is freeing to pour your heart out and for me, that’s dangerous because I lose all sense of time! It’s so sweet to read about your favorite guy. We all still need to hear that we are someone’s top pick every once in a while, don’t we?! So glad you joined us and hope to see more of you here. Blessings!


  4. I love this and I love that you joined in! So powerful and what a testimony! (And Amen to the free and vulnerable part – but that’s how we like it… real and honest) 😉


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