Five Minutes of Hope (Five Minute Friday)

It’s time for a five minute Friday post. This week’s prompt is HOPE. Which happens to be one of my favorite words, themes, and/or principles of all time. Okay, ready go:

ships and ocean

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.” –Proverbs 13:12

Sometimes we just can’t escape a feeling that God won’t get it right. That his plans will be too far away from our plans. We hope for things, they disappoint, and the heart feels sick. So we turn, turn to unanchored hopes in a scramble to make ourselves feel secure. We hope to find something that will help us float through the inevitable storms of life only to find ourselves taking on water, drowning, because we see that this too will fail.

You don’t have the strength to anchor your soul. You can’t and you won’t because the lies will seem too true, the pain will seem too deep, and the despair-the heartsickness—the hope differed will sting.

Here is the hope. The hope is that Jesus can be the anchor to our soul (Heb 6:19). We can listen to His tender voice that meets us in trouble . We can stay off the paths of resignation, self-pity, and fear. We can deny the door that tells us we must take control and we can let Him have it, because we have learned to hope for the eternal things where all desires are truly fulfilled.



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