A Prayer for My Girlies, Gutsy and Gentle

Years ago, I was at a ministry boot camp, and Darrin Patrick was the keynote speaker. He shared a prayer he often prayed with his son. I did not have a son at the time, but the power of it struck me. When the Lord did bless us with a son two years later I pulled it up, painted it on various things, and now I pray it with him nightly:

“God, make him a man with thick skin and a soft heart.  Make him a man who is tough and tender.  Make him tough so he can handle life.  Make him tender so he can love people. God, make him a man.”

I have long wanted to write something comparable for my girls. I finally did. They tell me this is the one they love:

“Jesus, I ask you to make my girls gutsy and gentle.
Gutsy, so they can be used to bring justice to a fallen world.
Gentle, so they can give mercy to the fallen.
Gutsy, because they know you have their back.
Gentle, because they know you have their heart.
Gutsy, to stand against what culture tells them they need to be, and
Gentle, so they can be at peace with who you say they are.
Lord, make these women gutsy and gentle so that they may be before all things Godly.”


This week at #wholemama our prompt was prayer. While it has been difficult to find the time to sit down and write this week, these are prayers close to my heart, and I am happy to share them with you. Find more reflections from other fantastic women at the link up.



12 thoughts on “A Prayer for My Girlies, Gutsy and Gentle

    1. I am so glad. If a bunch of us start praying for the Gutsy and Gentle we will be raising up a great generation of women. 🙂


  1. I love this prayer – thanks for sharing it. Last year I wrote blessings for my children at the start of the new school year, but I’ve never written a daily prayer for them. Maybe I will. Another post in the whole mama thread has made me think about praying for my children, and I’m sure it’s not coincidence that this is the next post I’ve read!

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  2. Love the words you wrote for your daughters! And those lovely gutsy pictures as well 🙂 i want pray gutsy and gentle for my girlie too. We all need that freedom.

    And thanks always for the encouragement, Chara! You are a blessing to me.

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