Baby Steps of Belief {#wholemama}

“Free association tests are no longer exclusive to psychotherapy offices. We find them on social networking sites, and play them for fun because the premise makes for a great party game. We engage in this humorous recreation to see if we can make others reveal some of their weird idiosyncrasies. I enjoy these games. They act as a simple exercise to awaken the creative parts of my brain, sometimes bogged down by the gift of lethargy given me by a frightened preschooler the night before.
It usually goes something like this:

Chocolate…Yes, please

Dog…Rover (I don’t know why. I’ve never had a dog named Rover, but it is what it is.)

Journalist…My granddad.

Belief…Help, my unbelief! Always, it is always – help, my unbelief.

I feel like this is a constant prayer of mine, a mental whisper that suddenly and audibly explodes when I behold the brokenness of the world, my city, and my home. When I am forced to see the misery and am tempted to give myself over to sorrow…” I am over at Daily Overflow this week with the anchor post for the #wholemama link up:  

Thanks for reading!



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