Pray 31 Day 3 ~ For Those About to Leap

Are you at a place in life that requires you to leap?

I remember placing my toes over the edge of the roof of the church. I was on staff with the high school youth group at the time. It was no fear night, and I was about to leap. Yes, there was a giant mat resting on the blacktop below, but my pulse accelerated just the same. 

It takes an act of will to throw ourselves forward, and just because we know we will be caught, that doesn’t mean the initial plunge isn’t alarming. It requires faith to jump into the new, and dive with trust into the things God asks of us.

So for those about to leap, I salute you!

This prayer is for those jumping into a new job, a difficult situation, or the next step of obedience.


The future is scary.

I  don’t know what it holds, but I know you hold me.

I pray that you calm my anxious soul and give me the courage to keep moving.

I know I don’t need to be afraid because you are with me, but that doesn’t mean I’m not feeling it.

Calm my nerves, Lord. Help me to turn every anxious thought and care over to you, because you care for me.

Help me to remember that you will catch me when I fall, so I can leap into this next season of life.

Here I come Lord, please go before me and be my guide.

In your Holy Name I pray, 



Thanks for joining me in prayer,


2 thoughts on “Pray 31 Day 3 ~ For Those About to Leap

  1. Thank you, Chara! I agree with Amanda about prayers being a great idea for #write31days. We all face unexpected challenges and changes almost every day, but we can go confidently into them because we know we are held by God. Blessings to you!


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