20 Acts of Three-Year-Old Vengeance for PMB


“Some days, I can’t help but wonder if my lovable, baby-fat-losing three-year-old is out to get me. How about you? They say that the twos are terrible, but once these cuties turn three they’ve leveled up. While they love their mamas fiercely, their verbal, physical, and emotional skills are growing and opening doors to all types of new behaviors. When posed with something that comes against what these adorable little ones’ desire, their “I’ll show you” game is strong. It can’t be escaped. The statistics provide little hope; 100 out of 100 mothers are likely to be the victim of #threeyearoldvengeance.

Documented acts of appropriate parental action countered by the wrath of three-year-old vengeance include, but are not limited to, the following:

1.You told me to stay in my room during rest time. I peed in my box of blocks and made you search for the source of the smell.

2. You put me in a shopping cart and didn’t let me run wild to touch whatever I wanted. I kicked you in the stomach at least once an aisle for good measure.

3. You made a well rounded dinner I didn’t like. I hid in the bathroom with a jar of peanut butter, and scooped it out with my hands.

4. You made me a healthy lunch option instead of buying me a kids meal on our 11 hour road trip. I threw your non-greasy selection out the window…”

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