Lice Survival Guide for PMB

I am a survivor of what felt like a plague that left us quarantined from the rest of the world until it could be eradicated. An infestation of the dreaded pest all elementary school parents fear—LICE.

My kids have come home from school with the parasitic pests three times, and always in the colder months. As one of those who has walked the dreaded road of late-night nitpicking, I offer you this mom’s survival guide for lice.


Don’t expect a notice from the child’s school to warn you that they have been exposed. Apparently, some school districts see that as a violation of privacy. If you notice that your child’s classroom that was once filled with long flowing hair and Biberish boy haircuts, is suddenly packed with short bobs and shaved heads, consider that a warning.

Check behind your child’s ears and at the nape of their neck regularly. This can be done in mere seconds when you brush their hair, or they are sitting on your lap while watching a movie. You may feel a bit like a mama monkey, but your kids will get used to you just taking a peek to make sure they aren’t infested with ghastly blood sucking creatures. If you catch it early, it is so much easier to get rid of and keep them from spreading…

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