Christianity isn’t Cool Anymore @ Venn Magazine

Christianity isn’t cool anymore. It IS relevant, powerful, and true, but it IS NO LONGER the fashionable box to check. No matter how good the music, awesome the lights, or great the preacher, the church can no longer escape that people see it as an inconvenience. Many don’t understand it and fundamentally mistrust it. But maybe so many people are leaving the church because it is becoming healthier by no longer pandering to popularity. Calling ourselves Christians in this generation means bearing the responsibility of revealing Christianity as something far more than our world believes it to be. Maybe, we have finally reached the tipping point, and we are no longer the lethargic, infected system we once were. Instead, we are finally healing. Not perfectly, of course. But maybe we are finally helping people leave behind their ideas of the church as intolerant, bigoted, fundamentally rigid, and easily offended. Instead, we are a group of people who are once again, to the best of our ability, truly following Jesus —the faithful, forgiven, and free.

Here are three ways that I see the American Church growing healthier… 

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