i Flew at iFLY–Portland’s Newest Indoor Family Activity (For PDX Moms Blog)

“I love asking questions that make people think beyond their current reality. Things like, “If you had to choose right now, what would you do for the rest of your life? If you were an animal which one would you be?” And my kids’ favorite, “If you could have a superpower which would you choose?” These questions are often turned back on me, and to this one I can’t help but answer, “Fly, I really want to fly.”

{Disclosure: Thank you to iFLY for sponsoring this post and letting us try out this adventurous, family-friendly and educational activity for ourselves!}

I have long wanted to jump from an airplane. I swam with sharks in the Pacific and hiked into some of the most breathtaking spots on earth, but I have yet to adventure in the sky. At least, not without a pilot or a few metric tons doing the actual flying. I let that dream slip into hibernation the day I had my first child. The risk no longer felt worth it. While some do, and will continue to, fly through clouds and soar the sky after having kids, I knew I couldn’t reconcile what might happen to the babies on the ground if I went splat.

Enter iFLY. Where instead of the hard earth you can try aerial acrobatics over a trampoline-type net, should you happen to fall (which would be quiet difficult in a tube blowing high speed winds to keep you up)…read more about our adventure at The Portland Moms Blog.



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