Five Minute Friday: Morning

This is a Five Minute Friday post. Where I link up with other writers at Kate Motaung’s and we free write for five minuets. It is simple, it is unedited, and it is fun. Our prompt this week is morning.

“So wake up! Rub the sleep from your eyes!” ~ Isaiah 51:17 (MSG)

I love sleep. I want more of it. As the mother of four it beckons to me with the soothing song of rest and dreaming, but I often find it coming to an end far earlier than anticipated. Little feet rustle into my room before the sun rises or shortly after, and I must choose quickly how I will greet these little lives entrusted to me. I try to do it with joy. I do not always succeed.

However, these moments used to be the moments I dreamt of. A family, a spouse, a home in which I could wake unafraid. Each morning I wake, I know I have been given another chance at life a life that once was broken, threatened. A life that was protected by a God who loved me, a Savior who rescued, and a Spirit that made me new.

So when I wake up, I try to truly wake with praise, for this life was given a new day.

3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Morning

  1. Amen! I love mornings, but I can definitley understand the need for more sleep. I don’t get enough of it during the week, but I can sleep in until 6 or so on the weekends :). How wonderful that God has given you the desires of your heart :).


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