“As I watch the primaries for the 2016 presidential election, my preference is becoming all the more cemented: I choose NEITHER corrupted political party. I prefer to remain unaffiliated. 

I don’t believe in promoting policy for a political party’s sake. It’s a safe bet that I will not vote for someone just because they are sporting red or blue. I am even quite the skeptic when a candidate quotes the Bible to support their point. I always wonder if they’re using something I love to manipulate me.

I thought the first Clinton was cool when he played the saxophone on late-night television back in the 90’s, and had my optimism about the office crushed when Monica Lewinsky became a household name. I listened to my parent rant and rave about George W .Bush and his awkwardly dangling chads, and wondered how he might implement or veto legislation to help protect me from school shootings and terrorists.

I watched the West Wing and came close to choosing cynicism over hope when it was time to vote for change. I was thrilled to see an African-American take office, but I had yet to find a politician I felt I could fully support. I too wanted hope and change. But was this the right change?”… Continue reading at Venn Magazine.

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