The Cost of New Life @Venn

I have moved across the country twice. Both times with no job in sight. I just figured I would find one when I got there. I still look back and wonder “What was I thinking?!” Along with, “Well that was fun.” It is this type of living that often becomes the downfall for those of us prone to reckless optimism. I did always find a job and was able to make it. However, not without a bit of debt. Moving on, starting anew, and chasing the dream always costs something. The question is, what are we willing to pay?

There is a part of me that loves the thrill of leaving it all behind and beginning again. Bold faith, relentless love, and dangerous hopes are all things I am naturally drawn to. But I alsocrave comfort. It sings a siren song to my hustling heart like no other. Overindulging at the invitation of this come-hither melody usually means I am devoured by procrastination, convenience, and entitlement.

I am constantly confronted with the fact that what makes me come alive requires discipline I am not always willing to give…(Read more at Venn Magazine)

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