Heroes Among Us @Venn Magazine

Standing in hero headquarters at Disneyland, I was immersed in all things Avengers. We inspected Iron Man suits, and beheld the mighty weapons of Asgard. And there, surrounded by the fictitiously fantastic, I wondered: “What a world of heroes would really look like?”

More and more, prime time and the big screen are filled with superpowered (Superman, The Flash, or Thor) or super-gadgeted (Batman, Iron Man, Ant-Man) heroes. Maybe America is caught up in the superhero craze because we want a hero, but we only want those we can’t be compared to. Of course we can’t have Tony Stark’s suit, or transform from the featherweight Steve Rodgers to the noble Captain America. And we can’t be Superman, because…well, we’re not aliens.

One of the common themes in every superhero tale is that heroes are feared. The fictional worlds, just as our present world, are filled with evil and need the supernatural to step in and bring justice. Yet, the human characters are afraid of power they do not understand. So they try to limit it. It is clear that mankind struggles with the concept of power higher than their own…read more at Venn Magazine. 

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