Keeping Kinship @ Joy of It

Our phones these days hold many clues about our lives.

But the simple group text in my messages labeled BFFs tells you nothing of the foundation of love that led to its treasured existence. There are three of us closely connected, and we couldn’t tell you how exactly it happened if you asked.

We didn’t have traveling pants or an important quest to destroy a ring that cultivated this closeness. We did risk the voyage through the hormonal halls of junior high, high school, and what waited on the other side of childhood. We learned to simply be with each other as we grew and the bonds that wove through days that would become the past, cemented our places in each other’s futures.

Together we have bled, wept, and laughed until the snorting became unbearable.

We witnessed terrible choices and wise moves. We threw down and forgave. And we turned our backs on God, then lived in hope as we set our eyes on Him and His mercy again. We belong to one another and always will; we are indelibly written into one another’s memories, affixed to the emotions of the moments that propelled those memories into existence. We didn’t know it at the time, but what we were developing was kinship.

Yes, time has progressed and life has led us to new places. We each have developed beautiful connections with other people, but each relationship shines its own kind of light. These seem to shine like an eternal flame — reliable, steadfast, constantly offering its warmth when the world feels cold.

We are keepers of one another…

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