Hello Readers,

Welcome to my little space of words and ramblings. I first entered the blogging world over at Anchored Voices.  Anchored Voices was developed with a collaborative nature and the specific theme of hope in mind, here you are likely to find my own random thoughts on life and faith. I recently opened this blog in order to be able to join in on the fun of online writing communities as a singular voice, so as not to confuse anyone. 😉

I live in Oregon with my husband and stay at home with my four kids. I deeply desire to share the good news, see broken hearts tended to, and see people set free from the things that try to take them captive. Life is messy, and we need the anchored hope of Christ alone to get through the storms that find us. I am willing to fight for that hope; one way I do that is through writing. I recently became a member of the Association of Biblical Counselors and have been doing lay counseling and women’s ministry for over ten years. I have a MSEd and may return to teaching Language Arts at some point; but for now, I do the speaker/writer thing, stay up way too late reading, drink too much coffee, and manage Anchored Voices. I can be found on Twitter @CharaDonahue & on Facebook.

Thank you for stopping by and feel free to introduce yourself in the comments,


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