I Will Not Fear the Election This November

My husband and I recently escaped cloud-covered Oregon for a quick anniversary trip to the middle of the desert. We had plans to stay in Las Vegas, with a day’s trip to the Grand Canyon. In the middle of the dry and the desolate, man has crafted a place where lights and golden-gilding cover luxuriousContinue reading “I Will Not Fear the Election This November”

Should I Choose Independence Over Love?

When we started dating he didn’t realize what a battle it would be. My husband had to fight for me. Not against dragons, overbearing family members, or even other men. The struggle that confronted him came from me. I loved my independence and it seemed like folly to sacrifice it for a relationship, even oneContinue reading “Should I Choose Independence Over Love?”

I Tried to Avoid Change but it Finally Found Me-@Venn Magazine

“Everything was different. The life I had planned out was gone, stripped away by my own foolishness and the anger of the one I fled. I peeled away the cushions from my mother’s couch so that I could have a place to sleep. The plop of each pillow onto the familiar floor reminded me IContinue reading “I Tried to Avoid Change but it Finally Found Me-@Venn Magazine”

Heroes Among Us @Venn Magazine

Standing in hero headquarters at Disneyland, I was immersed in all things Avengers. We inspected Iron Man suits, and beheld the mighty weapons of Asgard. And there, surrounded by the fictitiously fantastic, I wondered: “What a world of heroes would really look like?” More and more, prime time and the big screen are filled withContinue reading “Heroes Among Us @Venn Magazine”


“As I watch the primaries for the 2016 presidential election, my preference is becoming all the more cemented: I choose NEITHER corrupted political party. I prefer to remain unaffiliated.  I don’t believe in promoting policy for a political party’s sake. It’s a safe bet that I will not vote for someone just because they areContinue reading “UNAFFILIATED…CONFESSIONS OF A CHRISTIAN MILLENNIAL VOTER @ Venn Magazine”

Christianity isn’t Cool Anymore @ Venn Magazine

Christianity isn’t cool anymore. It IS relevant, powerful, and true, but it IS NO LONGER the fashionable box to check. No matter how good the music, awesome the lights, or great the preacher, the church can no longer escape that people see it as an inconvenience. Many don’t understand it and fundamentally mistrust it. ButContinue reading “Christianity isn’t Cool Anymore @ Venn Magazine”

An Open Letter to the Older and Wiser @Venn Magazine

An open letter to the Older and Wiser: The world is not what I once believed it to be. I see people carrying a weight I think they need not bear. I see them taking divergent roads of either complete panic and alarm, or apathetic ignorance. I find both those paths destructive to the soul.Continue reading “An Open Letter to the Older and Wiser @Venn Magazine”