An Open Letter to the Older and Wiser @Venn Magazine

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An open letter to the Older and Wiser:

The world is not what I once believed it to be. I see people carrying a weight I think they need not bear. I see them taking divergent roads of either complete panic and alarm, or apathetic ignorance. I find both those paths destructive to the soul. So I have a question for those who have been here before: Is this the worst it has ever been?

A few of you were born during the Great Depression, and a handful of you may have heard Hitler’s charismatic voice when the monster was still roaming the earth. Many of you remember air raid drills, though these have now given way to  lockdown drills, and many of you (or  your friends, family, loved ones) fought or died in Vietnam or Desert Storm. It seems a new enemy is always waiting to rise and hold hostage the world’s attention.

Has there ever been a more dire hour?

You who have lived longer, seen more darkness, and still held to hope despite ominous and perilous circumstances – what do you say?…

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