Pray 31


I am joining in with writers from around the blogosphere for the Write 31 Days challenge. We are linking up together to write on one subject for each of October’s 31 days. I have chosen to write on one of my lifelines–prayer. Each day in October, I will post a prayer that I hope you will join with me in saying, so that our voices collectively can call out to our God who is always listening.

What better way to start than with a prayer for the challenge and all those participating. Here we go:


Almighty God,

As we begin this journey, we dedicate our words to you.

We seek to be scribes for your glory.

Make us vessels that paint your promises with story and love.

May your heart be transcribed by our hands and flow through us to help, heal, and honor.

Speak to us as we write so that we may speak truth to others.

For your kingdom, your power, and your glory forever. 

In Jesus name we ask these things,



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