First (Five Minute Friday)

This is a Five Minute Friday post. Where I link up with other writers at Kate Motaung’s and we free write for five minuets. It is simple, unpolished, and fun. And yes, technically today is Monday, but that is just how this week went. 😉 Our prompt this week is first.

“So the last will be first, and the first last.”~Jesus (Mark 20:16)

Not My Fight

I will not fight to be first, or allow myself to become scarcity’s slave. My heart, my life, and my soul will not bear this weight or wage this war. It is a skirmish of worldly peril, not honor that holds eternal hope. I need not run over others to find myself where I need to be. I will not shoot down the beauty of those around me, or make others martyrs for my glory. Instead I will lift others up, and be willing to lay down all for Him. For I serve a big God, a Holy God, the God of angel armies. He must become more as I become less. In this doing, I am more fully alive than ever before. I will not be afraid that there will not be enough, for He always is.

My Jesus is first.