1 John: From Darkness to Love (Coming Fall 2017)

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Amen Paper Company’s Advent Devotional: Let it Be

Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat (First)

Christianity Today’s Women Leaders

4 Questions to Ask When Complacency Calls

Counseling Others When You Have Your Own “Me Too” Story

Working with a Team Means Better Care

Circling the Story

Wandering Through Mystery

Coffee & Crumbs

Cleaning Up the Puke

Faith and Culture Writers-Blog

Last Year I Declared “I am a Writer.” This Year…

Rusty Bars and Repentant Hearts

They’re My People Because They are Jesus People–and They Write

For Every Mom

9/11: A Mother Never Forgets

Her View From Home

Shoelaces and Chains

Huffington Post

Author Kari Patterson Reveals Her Secrets for Finding Freedom, Purpose, and Joy

Childhood Community: 6 Reasons Your Kids Need It

Faith & Zombies

Kids Forget to be Grateful for These 20 Things

Parent Approved Resolutions for Kids of Different Ages

A 30 Second Chat to Turn Fights Between Sisters into a Foundation for Friendship

Still Waiting: An Interview With Ann Swindell

Why I’m Glad My Kid Doesn’t Believe in Santa

Unaffiliated…Confessions of a Christian Millennial Voter


6 Lies We Believe Every Day (and How to Combat Them with Truth)

20 Wisdom-Filled Verses for Your Marriage


Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Extraordinary Life Isn’t Found in Carpe Diem

Middle Places

When Friends Become Family


Baby Steps of Belief

Bitter Brewing

Thryve Magazine issue no.7

The Poison of Preformance pg.50-55


Truth, Tolerance, and the Rise of Trump @ Faithful Democrats

Portland Moms Blog

7 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Full-Day Kindergarten

20 Acts of Three-Year-Old Vengeance (featured on Scary Mommy)

20 Things My Kids Forget to be Grateful for

The Burden and Beauty of a Sister

Childhood Community: Why Your Kids Need It (Reposted at the Huffington Post)

Cook Thanksgiving Dinner? No Thanks

Dos and Don’ts of Being Both Parent and Friend

Hey Kids, How ‘Bout These for Resolutions

Hello, Spring! My Four Favorite Things About This Season

iFlew @ iFly

Kid Reviews of Portland’s Top Doughnut Shops

Lice Survival Guide

Mastitis Misery and How to Avoid It

Meet Our New Contributor: Chara Donahue

Mom Confessions: How Motherhood Reveals Our Crazy

The Mom’s Road Trip Survival Guide

A Mother Never Forgets

Movie Marathons to Enjoy with Your Kids

Raising Wonder Women: Parenting Lessons From DC’s Latest Blockbuster

To My Christmas Baby: On Turning 10

Trivial Tantrum Triggers for Both Mama and Baby

The School-Agers are Home: Practical Tips for Savoring Summer


Hope on the Internet

Thirty Seconds or Less

I Hope This Year Is Better

Relentless & Revolutionary Love

Redeemed Magazine

Quieted by Love

Venn Magazine (14 Articles, Offline as of December 2016)

Anchored Voices

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